Contact Data Expiration Date

Organizations can set a Contact Data Expiration Date so that the information in their database is current for the calendar year.

  • Go to Admin / Account Settings / Dates & Times. (You must be an Account Owner to this.)
  • The data for the Contacts in your database will expire on this date for your organization.
  • After this date, Contacts will be changed to a status of "Outdated."
  • Contacts that log in when "Outdated" will be asked to re-verify their information. 

NOTE: Changing this date won't affect existing contacts. It only affects contacts who are creating a new account after the date has been set or who are reactivating their account from becoming Outdated to Active. You can set this date to update automatically as part of the Year End Configuration.

Contact Inactive Interval

Once a contact becomes "Outdated," they will be changed to a status of "Inactive" this many (interval) days after the expiration date.  Once Inactive, contacts will no longer show up in directories and reports.  The default is set to 45 days.

You also have the ability to manually set all of your users to Outdated or Inactive.

  • Go to Admin / Account Utilities.