Manually Setting Contacts to Outdated or Inactive

Contacts have 5 statuses:  Active, Outdated, Inactive, External, and Cancelled.  For more information on these, go to the Contact Status - An Overview help file.

During the Year End Transition process, Admins should plan to reset the Contacts by moving all Active Contacts to the Outdated status.  For steps on how to do this, go to the Year End Transition help files. After a Contact's status has been set to Outdated or Inactive, the next time the Contact logs in to your site, their record is automatically switched back to Active.  All of their past shopping records will be available.  They will be required to confirm the following:

  • Update parent information
  • Update student information
  • Update publish preferences and permission to publish

If you want to have all Contacts automatically set to Outdated or Inactive on a certain date, Admins with Account Owner status can:

  1. Go to Account Utilities.
  2. Choose a date.  If you want to set all of your contacts to Outdated/Inactive at one time, use today's date.  Or, if all new accounts in the last 2 weeks are good, and you only want to set contacts from before then to Outdated/Inactive, choose a date 2 weeks ago.
  3. Select Outdated or Inactive from the drop down menu, then hit "Go".