Sales, Data, & Volunteer Forms - End of Year

At the end of the year, you will want to create new forms for the next year. 

1.  Duplicate any forms that were used and will be used again.

2.  Close all of your old forms (those used in the previous year).

3.  Update the new forms.

When you are ready to start your 2016-2017 school supply sales, we recommend the following:
Step 1:  Duplicate the Old Form

  • Select the form "School Supplies 2015-2016"
  • On the Overview tab, click the orange "duplicate form" button and select "Yes, make me another"

Step 2:  Update Your New Form

Your duplicated form will be exactly the same as the old form (including the title), except it will be in Draft Mode.

  • Change the Title of the new form to "School Supplies 2016-2017"
  • Make edits to the 2016-2017 form including the Description, Settings, Line Items, etc.
  • Set the form to Active when ready

Step 3:  Archive the Old Form

You can either archive your old forms one at a time as you make new ones, or you can wait and archive them all at once as part of the Year End Transitions process.  To archive a single form:

  • Open the old form (School Supplies 2015-2016) and change the Mode to "Archived"
  • Once you click Save, this will move the form to the Archived List of forms