Email Notification When Someone Volunteers

You can set up your volunteer form to send a copy of the Volunteer Confirmation Email to an administrator or coordinator for the event.  This is helpful if your event coordinator would like to be notified when someone signs up instead of logging on and checking the form sign-ups throughout the duration of the event.

To set this up, go to Volunteers / Active Forms / Select Form / Edit this Form / Confirmation Email tab.

  • Send Confirmation Email - Do you want a confirmation email to be sent?  Select YES.
  • Include Student information in email - Do you want the user's student information to be part of the email?
  • Email Confirmation Text - What you want to say to the user in the email.  The volunteer slots they signed up for will automatically be included here when the email is sent.
  • Send a copy of the email - Does your Volunteer Coordinator want to be notified when someone signs up for a volunteer shift or opportunity?   They can receive a copy of the Confirmation Email. Enter one or more email addresses in this field.  Each email address should be separated by a comma.  Do not include any spaces between the email addresses.,