The Volunteer Chairman

If you have been tasked with the job of recruiting and scheduling volunteers, you hold one of the most critical jobs in your organization!


Capture Volunteer Interest

At the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of event planning, people are excited about the opportunity to help.  Now is the time to capture areas that interest them.  Create a list of all the possible volunteer opportunities available and include it with your member kick-off.  If you are using our family database, you can capture volunteer preferences for two different adults.


And Then Follow-Up!

When people sign-up to volunteer – it’s important to follow-up with them.  Don’t miss an opportunity to recruit a possible volunteer because they become disinterested when they think they are not needed.  Membership Toolkit makes it easy to send emails to individual volunteers and to a group, all from within your Membership Toolkit account.


Sign Them Up!

If you want people to volunteer – make it easy to sign up!  Our Volunteer Scheduling Tool makes it easy and fair.  Volunteer organizations run a risk of losing volunteers if they are perceived as being cliquish.


Create Opportunities

With today’s busy schedules, your volunteers may not be able to help at a traditional time.  Create volunteer opportunities that are flexible for different schedules and different abilities.


Don’t Forget to Ask

While some volunteers are excited to step up and volunteer when they see an announcement, others may need a personal invitation to volunteer.   If you are wondering why people are not volunteering, try calling or meeting with them personally to ask them to volunteer.