PayPal API Signature

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows PayPal software to communicate with your shopping cart in your Membership Toolkit account.



Finding Your API Signature on the PayPal Site

  1. Log-in to your PayPal Account
  2. Go to your “Profile” / Business Setup
  3. From the tab "Payment setup" choose "Option A"
  4. Choose option "Get Your API Credentials"
  5. Choose to"View API Signature"
  6. You will then copy and paste the following from your PayPal screen to your Membership Toolkit screens.

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Signature


                  **It is important that you copy these and do not try to retype them.**


Screen Shots for Finding Your API Signature

(Note - depending on what type of PayPal account you have, your screens may or may not match these exactly.)

  • Click “Profile” in the top right corner.

After you select "business setup", choose option a, and then Get Your API Credentials.

Choose View API Signature