Form Specific Email Receipts

When a user makes a purchase from your Membership Toolkit site, they will automatically receive an email verifying their order.  To customize the information in this email "receipt," view our article on System Email Receipts.

Form Specific Email Receipts are portions of the email receipt that are specific to the purchase from a particular form.  For example, if you are selling spirit wear on your site, you can include information in the email receipt that is only presented if someone purchased spirit wear.  You may want to include:

  • how the purchase will be delivered
  • who to contact for additional information
  • event details

When a user receives their email receipt, the System Email Receipt text will be presented first, followed by the Form Specific Email Receipt text.

To create a custom Form Specific Email Receipt, go to the form and select the "Email" tab.

Best Practice

For delivery purposes, we recommend having someone in your organization cc'd on email receipts.  You can set this up per form so that it is specific to the person in your organization that is "in charge" of that form.


If you choose not to use this feature, your can print the Orders with Details Report, but that includes ALL orders, not just the ones specific to each form.