Creating A Membership SKU

To add a new Membership SKU to your Membership Form you need to first create the SKU in the Catalog and then add the new SKU to your Membership Form.

Step 1 - To create the SKU, go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Add New Product.

Product Information:

  • SKU - The SKU is the code in your Membership Toolkit system that tracks all of your transactions.

What you need to know about creating SKUs for products in your catalog:

--No spaces.
--Use number, letters, hyphens, and underscores.
--Reports are run by SKU. Be logical in creating your SKU. For example: all school supplies should start with SUPPLIES or SS so all of these items are grouped together in your report.
--Changes made on a form will not be reflected in the Catalog.  Once a SKU is added to a form, changes to the SKU in the catalog will not be reflected in the form.  An exception to this is the Options available in the SKU.

  • Product Active? - Select "Yes."  If you select "No," it won't appear in your lists for creating forms.  You can retire old SKUs by making them inactive.
  • Description - The label used on your forms.  
  • Special Notes - Special notes appear directly below the item in the product list.  It is a good place to provide a brief description.
  • Extended Description - This is where you put more information about a particular product.  The extended description is presented in a drop down box below the item in the list on your form.  If membership comes with benefits, you may want to include them in the extended description.

Sales Information:

  • Sales Price - Set your price for the membership
  • Allow custom price? - Usually set to "no" unless it's a donation.
  • Item Taxable? - Sales tax does not apply to memberships.
  • Category - The financial category associated with the SKU.  This will keep your reports organized.
  • Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Income - Specify accounts if you are using the Membership Toolkit Accounting Tools.
  • Is this product deliverable? - Membership is usually not unless your members receive a gift with purchase.
  • Manage Inventory? - No, unless there are a limited number being sold.


  • Purchase of the SKU Changes Membership Status? - If you want the person, family, or company to be recognized as a member in your database, this field needs to be set to YES.
  • What type of membership? - Select which level of membership is associated with the SKU. (If you need to edit the choices for the type of Memberships you offer, go to People / Configuration / Membership Types.)
  • How Many? - Typically this is one.  If you are offering a Family membership you may want to change this to 2 which will then include a membership for 2 parents on the account.
  • Expiration Type - Do you want the membership to expire on a particular date or after a particular number of days have passed?
  • Expiration Date - If you selected "Specific Date" for the Type, what date does the membership expire?
  • Days After Purchase - If you selected "Date Relative to Purchase" for the Type, how many days until the membership expires?

Images, Event, & Options:  Membership SKUs typically don't use these.
Usage:  Tells you where the SKU has been used and how many times it has been purchased.

Step 2 - To add the Line Item to the Form, see our article on Adding a SKU to a Form.