Access Control for Administrators

There are no limits to the number of Administrators your organization can have.  There are many options to grant and limit access to your account information for Admins.

Only Account Owners can grant and revoke Admin Access to users in your organization.  Please note - you cannot revoke/grant access to yourself.  Another Account Owner will have to to do this for you.  If you are the only Account Owner, add the new Account Owner first, then have them go in and revoke your access.

Before you can grant Administrator Access, the User must have created a Membership Toolkit account and verified their email address.

Options for Access Control:

Dashboard Access

This allows the user to view the Dashboard.  They can view any scheduled email and will only have access to the "Help" tab in the navigation.

Account Owner
The Account Owner has access to everything!  Only Account Owners have access to the Admin tab which includes Account Settings, Access Control, Payment Options, and Account Utilities as well as Website / Configuration.  We recommend that organizations only have 2 or 3 Account Owners.

Financial Reports & Financial Management

Allows access to view the Accounting tab on the Dashboard.  You will need both Financial Reports/Financial Management and the MTK Accounting Package to set up and manage your budget and accounts.

Member View & Edit
Allows access to the People tab and the Search box on the Dashboard so you can manage Contacts, Member information, and Member Reports.  With this access alone, you cannot view any orders, volunteers, or financial information.

Forms View & Forms Edit

Allows access to the Store & Forms tab on the Dashboard.  You will be able to view/create/edit forms, view/edit orders, and view form reports.  To create new orders, Member View & Edit access is also needed.

Volunteer View & Volunteer Edit

Allows access to the Volunteers tab on the Dashboard.  You will be able to create/edit volunteer forms and manage volunteer information.

CMS View, CMS Edit, CMS Publish, and CMS Structure

The CMS is the “Content Management System” that controls your website.  

  • CMS View - Allows access to the Files, Calendar, and Website tabs on the Dashboard.  You upload and manage files, but only view the Website Content, Blogs, and Calendars.
  • CMS Edit - Allows you to create, edit, and publish Calendars and create and edit Website Content and Blog pages.  Only Administrators with permission to publish will be allowed to publish content to your website.  If this option is not selected, the Admin will be able to write new content but not publish it.
  • CMS Publish - You will have access to Website Content and Blogs.
  • CMS Structure - You will have access to the Navigation, Design Settings, CSS, and Structure tabs. The structure of your website is the foundation of your website.  It takes a little more knowledge to edit the structure and this is best left to the volunteers who are directly responsible for your website.
  • To have access to the Website / Configuration tab, you also must have Account Owner status.

Send Newsletters

Allows Admins access to the Email & Newsletters tab on the Dashboard.  This allows you to create and manage subscription lists and send eNews (newsletters) using a variety of templates to subscribed Contacts.  You will be able to use all of the features that come with Newsletters including uploading images and files, though you will not have access to the People or Files tabs.  You do not need "Send Email" access to be able to send newsletters.

Send Email

Allows Admins to send email through your Membership Toolkit account using the People / Contacts tab.  However, if you only have Send Email permissions, then you will only be able to view email that has been scheduled.  To be able to create emails, you will also need Member View.