Picture File Formats

Membership Toolkit supports PNG, JPG, and GIF files.

PNG:   Portable Network Graphic. PNG format is a compression file format that maintains the same quality as the original when the file is compressed , which makes it a common choice for the web.  PNG supports transparency with a 32 bit color depth. PNG typically produces a larger file than a JPG.

JPG:  When compressed to a JPG file some of the quality is degraded.  It is useful for storing photographs at a smaller size.  JPG is common for use on the web since it is compressed.  If the file extension is JPEG, you will need to change it to JPG before uploading your file.

GIF: The Graphics Interchange Format is an older file format. GIF only supports 256colors per image. This limited color palette can lead to color banding on images with lots of colors or gradients. The limited colors result in a smaller file size, but a lower quality image. GIF supports full color transparencyonly.

BMP:  Not supported by Membership Toolkit

TIFF:  Not supported by Membership Toolkit

*Note:  We do not recommend displaying a PDF file as an image.