Teacher Luncheons

Planning a teacher luncheon and need volunteers to bring food items?  Create a volunteer schedule to assure that you receive all of the necessary items for to make your lunch a success. 

1.  Go to Volunteering Tab
2.  Create New Volunteer Form (For more information on how to create a Volunteer Schedule see the Volunteer Help Files.)
3.  Set maximum number of hospitality items
4.  Send out an email to your Hospitality Team and all other volunteers who may be interested in volunteering.  You can include a direct link to the volunteer form.  Copy the URL for the volunteer form and paste it into your email.  Do not include the URL to the dashboard or administrator's form.
5.  You have the option of setting up the form so that the Hospitality Chairman is notified of all sign-ups for the event.
6.  Send volunteers a thank you note after your event!


Hospitality Form.png