Sending An Email To Your Contacts

You can quickly send emails through Membership Toolkit.  Best practice is to send your email using the Email & Newsletters Tab, just like you were sending a newsletter.  There is even a newsletter template that is formatted to present as a simple email.  This will allow you to track your email so you know who has received it, viewed it, etc. and give you the ability to view it or duplicate it later.

For times when you prefer to email a smaller number of contacts and not an entire distribution list:

1. Go to the People Tab and choose Contact Records or Members.
2. Use the "filter applied" button to filter your Contacts.
3. Click the blue "Email" button.
4. Using the "select" box, select who will receive the email.
  • All Parents - this includes both parents
  • All PRIMARY Parents - this includes only the Primary Parent on the account
  • Only Members - this includes only Members of your organization
  • Only Non-members - this includes only those that are NOT Members of your organization
  • None - this allows you to manually select which recipients will receive the email by checking the individual boxes next to their email address
5. Once you have selected who will receive the email, click the blue "compose email" button.

Composing the Email:

The number of addresses your email will be sent to.

Send a copy to

If you'd like to send a copy to someone else, enter their email address here (multiple email addresses separated by commas).

Your email will automatically come from the email address that you used to log in to the Dashboard.  Use the drop down menu to select a different Administrator's address.

Send Later at

Complete the Send Later Box with the date and time you want the email sent and click "Done".  Leave it blank to send it immediately.


The subject of your email.


Include text, pictures, graphics, etc.  The text editor allows you to customize the email.

Send or Schedule Email
Click this when you are done editing and ready to send.  The email will be sent immediately or at the time you selected.  Once email has been scheduled, you are not able to edit it, but you can click on the "Scheduled Email" link on the Dashboard to cancel any or all of the messages.

Notes about Sending Emails
  • Emails are sent individually. Recipients will not be able to see who else is receiving the email.
  • We use an email service (SendGrid) to assure delivery and to track open rates.
  • All of the emails that you send from our system are technically sent from The return email address is what you will set and what will be presented to the recipient.