Connecting a Menu Entry to a PDF

When you upload a PDF to your Membership Toolkit account, a URL is created for the PDF.  This URL can become the destination for a Menu Entry.

1.  Upload the PDF to your Membership Toolkit account.  If you need help with this, see the Help Desk Solution:  Uploading Documents, Images, Pictures, & Photos

2.  Create a New Menu Entry or Edit an Existing Menu Entry.  Go to Website / Navigation.  Click the links to our Help Desk Solutions if you need additional help.

3.  For the Destination field, use the drop down menu to select "Pick a file..."

4.  The File Manager will automatically open so you can select the PDF you want to link to.

5.  When you click the "Insert" button, the URL will auto-populate into the Destination field, and the label will change to "Specific URL."

6.  Click Save and check to be sure your Menu Entry is Enabled and in the location you desire.