Including a Link to a PDF in Your Email

1.  In the "Body" of the email, highlight the text that will be the link for your PDF.

2.  Select the Insert/edit link button that looks like a chain. 

3.  Select the "browse files" button to the right of the URL
4.  If you have already loaded your PDF, select the file and click "Ok." 
5.  To upload a new pdf:
  • Select the folder (or create a new one) where you'd like to store your file.
  • Select "Upload."
  • Choose the file to be uploaded.
  • Select "Upload" and then "Close."
  • Select the PDF that will be associated with the link and then choose "Insert."
6. Set the Target for either "New window" or "None" which will open in the same window.  Best practice is to open in a new window.