Student Status - Making Students Active/Inactive

Student Status is important because many forms and reports are dependent on this information.  Keep in mind:
  • Forms that are set to present as "one per student" will only be presented to Active Students.
  • Inactive students no longer show up in the Directory.
  • Parents can only delete a student from their record IF there have been no sales connected to that student.

There are two ways to make students Active/Inactive.

1.  Admins can go to People / Students / Select Student Name / Update Checked.  You can update the student's status, grade level, and teacher.  You can do this for one student or for a group of selected students all at once.

Example #1:  If you have a class of 5th graders that have graduated from your school, you can update their status all at once.  To do this, filter your list of students to show all of the 5th graders.  Click the check box above the list to select the whole list.  Update the checked records by changing their Status to Inactive.  If you have an Alumni option for the students' Grade, it would be a good idea to select that as well.  Please note, once you Update the records, it cannot be undone! 

Example #2:  If your school has to hire an additional teacher after school has already started, you can filter the students by that grade level, select the ones that will be in the new class, then update the teacher for those students all at once.

2.  Parents can go to their list of Open Forms and select the Parent and Student Information or Family Information Form.  Choosing "Next Step" at the bottom of the first page will take them to the Student page.  Here they can make their student "Inactive" if they are no longer a current student or choose to "Reactivate" their student.  They can also add new students to their account.