Volunteer Report by Volunteer Opportunity

If you want a list of people who signed up for a particular activity or date/time slot, you can generate a report for a specific volunteer opportunity.

  • Go to Dashboard / Volunteers.
  • Select the correct form.
  • Find the correct opportunity and click the hyperlink number in the "Count" column.

The on-screen report allows you to:

  1. Download to excel
  2. Email the volunteers
  3. View/edit each person's contact and volunteering information

If you want to view an Excel spreadsheet of all Opportunities on a Volunteer Form:

  • Go to Dashboard / Volunteers/ Summary tab.  (You can also access this same information by going to Volunteers / Forms.)
  • Click on the blue hyperlink form name in the Volunteer Form Title column.
  • Select Download Matrix or Download Detail.

1. Download Matrix - Allows you to view the report by volunteer name.

2. Download Detail - Allows you to view the report by each Opportunity.