Adding a Data Field to a Form

Using Data Fields on forms allows you to collect information from your users without requiring the purchase of a product or SKU.  These work great for collecting general information pertaining to the form.  Or, you might even want to create a form that only contains data such as a Faculty Favorite Things form.

If you are using a Sales Form, you can add Data Fields to your Line Items (SKUs) to collect data based on the number of purchases of each line item. This is useful on for collecting Lifetime Membership information, spirit wear personalization, yearbook shout-outs, team members, and donations.  See the article Adding Data Fields to a Line Item for more information.

Data Fields are also fully edit-able by Admins once the information has been submitted by the user.  See the article Editing Submitted Data in a Data Field for more information on how to do this.

Please Note: Currently, section headings do not work when using data fields.  But, you can use HTML Blocks (another type of data field) to create section titles. See Data Field Types for more information.

To add a Data Field:
  • Go to Store & Forms and Select the Form.
  • Select the Line Items tab.
  • Select the blue "add a data field" button.

For further information, see the following Help Desk Solutions: