Editing a Navigation Menu Entry

1)  Go to Website / Navigation and select the Menu you want to edit.

2)  Find the Menu Entry you want to edit and click the blue "edit" button.

3)  Edit the Menu Entry

  • Label:  The title for the menu entry.  It will be what the user sees.
  • Destination: The destination tells the menu entry where to go.  You can have it point to a page that you have created or to a URL.  To select a content page from within your site, select the up/down arrow and a list of all your content page titles will be shown.  Choose the content page that you want to link your menu entry to. If you want to assign the menu entry to a URL, open the website in a new window, and copy the URL from your browser into the space after "Specific URL".
  • Who can see this item?:  Choose who you want to be able to view the menu entry. If you want only logged in users to your site to see it, switch this to "yes, only logged in users can see it".  If this control is in place, this menu item will not be visible to visitors to your site.
  • Open in New Window?:  If you select "Yes," then a new browser window will open up for your user before taking them to that link.
  • Extra CSS:  if you don't know what this is, probably best to leave it blank!!


4)  Don't forget to Save!  In order for it to be visible to users, you MUST check the "Enabled" box next to the menu entry.  This allows you to turn on/off menu as they are needed to avoid creating new entries each time.  VERY IMPORTANT!:  You MUST SAVE after each time you reorder or enable a menu entry.