Creating/Editing Volunteer Opportunities
  • Go to Dashboard / Volunteers / Active Forms / select form / "edit this form" / Opportunities tab.

You can add a new section, edit an existing section, or add new opportunities to a section.  Scroll over an existing section with your mouse, to get the blue "edit" and "add" buttons pop up. 
  • Selecting "edit section" will allow you to edit the Section Title and Section Information.  To delete a section, you must first move all of the opportunities out of it.
  • Selecting "add" will allow you to Add an Opportunity.

To Rearrange Sections and Opportunities - click and drag the section/opportunity, then be sure to Save.

To Edit an Opportunity - scroll over the existing opportunities with your mouse.  This will get the blue "edit" and "add data field..." buttons to pop up.  Select the "edit" button.

*No matter which type of Opportunity you chose originally, the edit screen will look the same and each type of opportunity can be edited to include single and recurring dates/times.

1. Opportunity - The title of the opportunity.
2. Description - More information about the opportunity.
3. Opportunity Active - Select Yes if you want the opportunity to be presented to users.
4. HTML Anchor - If you don't know anything about using anchors, leave this blank.
5. Opportunity Slots - This information will present on the same line as the opportunity or on the following lines if there is more than one slot.

  • Displayed as - Whatever you type in this field will override the Start and End Date/Time fields.  If you leave it blank, the system will publish the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time if they are filled in. (When using the Volunteer Kiosk, the system will only present the Displayed as field when the Start/End Time is left blank.)
  • Start Date/Time and End Date/Time - Use the pop up calendar to enter information into these fields. Once they have been populated, you can edit directly in the field itself.
  • Max Vols and Min Vols - Do you have a maximum or minimum number of volunteers for this slot?  Once the maximum number of volunteers is reached, the form will show that the opportunity is full. 
  • Actions - Once slots have been added and saved, an option to delete them will be presented here.

6. Add Another Time - Select this if you need to add another time slot.  Note: If you add another slot, but leave it blank, it will show as an empty slot on your form.

7. Add Recurring Times - Select this if you have an event that will repeat.  This makes it very easy to add multiple dates all at once.