FAQ - How can I create a "Contact Us" form?

There are times when you might have a need a way for users to contact you with suggestions or concerns. For example, you might want parents to provide suggestions for fundraisers they'd like to do.


The best way to do this is to create a Data Only Guest Form. We have a sample form available (see below) that we can add to your account to help you get started. Just submit a ticket with your request through our help desk.

  • You can edit, delete, and add data fields on the Line Items tab.
  • We also suggest entering a CC'd email address on the Email tab so someone is notified when the form is submitted.
  • Once you make it Active, remember to provide a direct link from another area of your site (this link is found on the Overview tab when editing the form.) You can also choose to have it available in the Open Forms list for users that are logged in.

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