Turning On Comments

Comments provide a way to create an on-going conversation about a particular topic or provide a place to post announcements. Once a comment is posted, users with permission will have the ability to reply to the comment or simply "thank" the user for their post.

*Currently, this feature is available to Premium & Concierge customers and can only be turned on by an Account Owner.

  • Go to Admin / Account Settings / Subscription Plan & Features
  • Change "Comments Active?" to Yes.

Steps for Turning On Comments:

  1. Create a website content page or go to any existing page where you'd like to add the Comments feature.
  2. Edit the content page and select the "Comments" tab.
  3. In the "Comments?" drop down field, select:
  • No Comments
  • Yes, Comments are Open (comments will be visible and users with permission will be able to reply and/or post)
  • Comments are present, but closed (comments will be visible, but users will not be able to reply or post)

 4. Select a Header Label for the Comments section of your website page.

 5. See further information for Setting Up Comments & Replies.