Messages & Comments - An Overview

The purpose of Messages & Comments is to provide a way to create an on-going conversation about a particular topic or provide a place to post announcements. Once a comment is posted, users with permission will have the ability to reply to the comment or simply "thank" the user for their post.

*Currently, this feature is available to Premium & Concierge customers only.

Examples of when to use Messages & Comments:

  • A teacher page to post classroom reminders and announcements
  • A teacher page that allows parents and students in the class to post questions and comments
  • A coach’s page to post team announcements about upcoming practices and games that allow players to comment about their availability
  • A public page that allows open conversation about an upcoming event
  • An HOA page that allows community members to subscribe

To use Messages & Comments, you must create a website content page or add it to an existing content page.

You can control:

  1. Who has access to see the page (just like you normally do on a content page)
  2. Who can post a comment or message - No Admin Access is needed to post. You choose who can post a comment or message. The access is controlled by user email addresses.
  3. Who receives email notification when comments are posted – this is controlled by conditions that are tied to the parent and/or student fields (just like a smart list)
  • Email notifications for Comments will be sent immediately when a new comment is posted.
  • Email notifications for Replies will be gathered in batches and sent out approximately every 4 hours.

More Information About Using Comments