Canceling a Stripe Account

The account owner can cancel your organization's Stripe account by logging in to your Online Stripe Account.  (

  • From your home page dashboard, click on Business settings, then Data.
  • At Your Account, Select the 'Close this Account...' button.
  • By closing your account, you will lose access to your financial data and your keys will be expired. This action is irreversible!

There are a few important things to keep in mind when closing your account:

  1. Remember that closing your account won’t prevent scheduled payouts from happening (e.g., if you closed your account today, a payment you accepted yesterday would pay out to your bank account as normally scheduled), but you will not be able to retrieve any information about your account going forward.
  2. You will also still be responsible for any refunds that are issued, or disputes that arise. Due to this, we would normally suggest simply leaving your account dormant rather than closing it, as this makes it easier for you to be responsive when these situations occur.
  3. If you use Stripe through a third-party application, it’s important to emphasize that closing your Stripe account only closes the Stripe account itself. It does not close any accounts for third-party products you may have connected to your Stripe account.
  4. Correspondingly, deleting your account with a third-party product does not delete the Stripe account connected to it. The only way to close a Stripe account is from the Stripe dashboard, as outlined above.
  5. Once a Stripe account is closed it cannot be undone. You can, however, export the data in your account to a CSV file before you close it.

You can read more about the effects and responsibilities of closing your account in Stripe's terms of service or at

Once you have closed your account with Stripe, you will want to disconnect it as the payment processor for your Membership Toolkit site. Account Owners can:

  • Go to Admin / Payment Configuration.
  • Select the Stripe tab.
  • Change Stripe active? to No.