Controlling Access to Content

Membership Toolkit is unique in that if offers an integrated contact database that allows you to control who has access to content.

Advantages to controlling access to content:

  • You can post information and documents for a specific group in your organization such as board members.
  • You can have content that is available to the general public and then restrict other content to only registered users.
  • You can keep personal information private (in a directory) and allow only members of your organization to view it.
  • You can control which forms users see. For example, a form for the first grade party would only be available to parents with first graders or a volunteer form that is for a block party would only be presented to families who live on that block.

Controlling access to NavigationContent Pages, and Blocks of Content within a page. The choices include:

  • Anyone can see it (always shown)
  • Only users that are logged in can see it
  • Only users that are logged in and are members can see it
  • Only users in the following group(s)...
  • Only those that are NOT logged in can see it
  • Only users that have Dashboard access can see it

Controlling access to Student Information, Directory & Publish Preferences, Sales, Volunteer, and Information Forms.

  • Set up Form Conditions using any of the member or student data fields, including custom fields.

Controlling access to the number of administrators your organization can have and what level of access each administrator is given.