Updating User Information on Organization Specific User Logins (president@)

Many organizations use position-related email addresses for their volunteers (such as president@ourpta.com or treasurer@somepto.com.) These volunteers change from year to year and it is necessary to update their names on their account. There is more to this than just updating the contact record. You also have to update the Account Profile for the User ID.

When an email address is used to create an account in Membership Toolkit, this email address becomes the unique User ID for that account.

  • The User ID (email address) is what is used for logging in.
  • The User ID (email address) can be different from what a user lists on their contact record.
  • The User ID (email address) is tied to an Account Profile which contains the first and last name of the user, their password, and other account-related information. This is NOT the same as contact information.

To edit the information on the Account Profile:

  1. Login using the User ID (email address.)
  2. Click on the account name in the Login Box.
  3. Edit the Account Profile.