Newsletter Configuration

The Email & Newsletters / Newsletter Configuration tab controls 2 different pages on your site:

  1. the Newsletter List page (where sent newsletters get posted)
  2. the Newsletter Subscriptions page (where users can subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters)

The Newsletter List page is found at Users will see:

  • the Newsletter List Heading
  • the Newsletter List Preamble

Below that, they will see all Open Subscription lists and any Private lists they are subscribed to. When they click the list name, they will see and be able to open previously sent newsletters to that list.

The Newsletter Subscriptions page is located in the user's Account Profile. They can access this by clicking their name in the Login Box and going to the Subscriptions tab. Users will see:

  • the Subscriptions Preamble
  • the Newsletter Lists to which they can subscribe/unsubscribe
  • the Subscriptions Postamble

This page is only a list of available subscriptions and does not present previously sent newsletters.

Neither page will allow you to edit a newsletter. Editing must be done on the Draft Newsletters tab from your Dashboard.