Email Templates

Email Templates are useful when you want to send the same email out multiple times throughout the year or annually from year to year.

To create an Email Template:

  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Email Templates / add template.

  • Template Name - Give your template a title.
  • Template Description - What is the purpose of this template?
  • Subject - The subject line of the email users will receive.
  • Body - The text of your email. Tip: You can add macros to the body of the email by using {{firstname}}, {{lastname}}, etc.

Once you have saved your Email Template, you can edit it at any time.

To use a saved Email Template:

  • Go to People / Contacts / email.
  • Select email addresses / compose email.
  • Select "use template."

Enter the following information:

  • Select the template from the drop down list of templates
  • If there is already information entered in the Email Subject and Body, select the Overwrite checkbox if you want to replace it. Leave this unchecked if the existing text should remain and the template text added to what is already there. Regardless of your selection here, you will be able to change any text before you send your email.