Sending a Newsletter Start to Finish

Newsletters are created and sent through the Email & Newsletters tab on the Dashboard.

Step 1 - Create a Newsletter Distribution List

  • Go to the Newsletter Lists tab / add list.
  • Email addresses can be added to a list manually.
  • Email addresses can be added to a list using the Auto-Subscribe feature.

Step 2 -  Create a Newsletter

  • Go to the Draft Newsletters tab / add newsletter.
  • Select a template.
  • Basic Email Template - Single block for text, images and links.
  • Two Column Left Rail - Basic Email template with a full-width header, a main content area, and a left rail. (most difficult to use)
  • Gray 2/3 Column - Gray 2 and 3 Column newsletter with placeholders for graphics, blocks for headers and other formatted sections. (*Recommended - It is the easiest to format and has the most options for presentation.)

Step 3 - Attach the Distribution List to the Newsletter

In the Send Settings Pop Up:

  • Select which Distribution List the newsletter should go to. You can select more than one list.
  • From Name - A friendly name users will recognize.
  • Reply-to-Address - An email that will receive and respond to replies.
  • Subject - What the newsletter is about.
  • Schedule to Send at - When should the newsletter be sent? (The newsletter won't automatically go out at the time selected unless you "release" it. See below.)
  • Save.

Step 4 - Edit the Newsletter Content

  • The newsletter is configured in blocks. Each template has one or more blocks pre-loaded. You can add, delete, and rearrange the blocks.
  • To edit a block, click on the text or image inside of it. A content editor toolbar will pop up and allow you to format your information.
  • Using the guidelines for the size of your graphics that is given when you add the various blocks will help keep everything lined up. 
  • It is also really important when you copy and paste content that you remove all of the formatting for that text.
  • Do not use the Grammarly Plug In for your browser with newsletters. It drops in code that is NOT compatible with email clients.
  • More Tips for Newsletters

Step 5 - Test the Newsletter

It is a really good idea to test your newsletter before you send it out to your entire distribution list. You can send a Test Copy to one or more email addresses. Have your "testers" check any links to be sure they are working properly.

Step 6 - Release the Newsletter

You must "Release" a newsletter before it will be sent to your distribution list. (even if you have selected a date/time in the Send Settings) Releasing the newsletter will allow you to schedule when it will be sent if you haven't previously set this.

After a newsletter has been released, it will appear under the Scheduled Newsletters tab.

  • You can duplicate the newsletter to use again.
  • You can un-schedule the newsletter to make changes.