Membership Types

Membership Type refers to the membership label each user will receive when they purchase membership.

There are 5 default types of membership:

  1. Regular
  2. Student
  3. Lifetime
  4. Faculty
  5. Community

You can add to or edit these membership types by going to People / Configuration / Membership Types.

(We recommend adding or editing membership types at the BEGINNING of your membership drive and NOT during membership sales. If you choose to make changes after you have started sales for the year, please follow the steps outlined in our article, Customizing Membership Types.)

  • Membership Type Name - How do you want to label this membership on your reports?
  • Applies To - Does this apply to a Parent or a Student?
  • Description - Add additional information about the membership.
  • Sort - Where do you want this type to be in the list?

If you delete a membership type, a warning message will pop up asking if you wish to proceed. It will also indicate how many members and how many SKUs will be updated to the new membership type you select from the drop down menu.

Important Note!

If you delete or rename a membership type:

  • You will need to verify that any conditions set for content, forms, volunteer forms, groups, newsletter lists, etc. that are based on a particular membership type are still valid.
  • Conditions that were set using a membership type that is no longer valid will be blank and therefore no longer applied.
  • This only applies if you’re changing the “type” name, i.e. REGULAR or STUDENT and not just the description.