Volunteer Hours - Add/Edit by an Admin

Admins can add/edit/remove Volunteer Hours from a user's contact record.

  • Go to the Volunteer's Contact Record.
  • Click on the Volunteering tab.
  • Admins can Add/Edit Volunteer Opportunities, Add Volunteer Hours, or Edit Volunteer Hours already entered by the system or the volunteer.

1) Add or Edit Volunteer Opportunities - See our article on Adding or Changing a Volunteer Preference

2) Add Volunteer Hours - Select either button to add hours. Enter the following information:

  • Opportunity - You have the option to link the hours to a specific volunteer opportunity.
  • Description - When an Opportunity is selected, the Description auto-populates. You may edit it or add your own.
  • Volunteer Name - Select a name from the Contact Record.
  • Volunteer Hours - Enter the number of hours.
  • Volunteer Date - Enter the date the volunteer hours occurred.

3) Edit Volunteer Hours - Select the "edit" button to change the recorded information or "delete" to remove the hours completely.