Volunteer Kiosks - An Overview

The Volunteer Kiosk feature allows you to:

  • Set up a kiosk for volunteers to check-in and check-out.
  • Track meeting attendance.
  • Set up different kiosks for different events.
  • Track volunteer hours.
  • See who is on campus or has reported for their volunteer opportunity.
  • Send out reminders and thank-you emails.

And, it's all integrated with your contact database and volunteer forms in Membership Toolkit.

Volunteer Kiosk is only available with Premium and Concierge Subscriptions.

How It Works

  • Setup is through the volunteer tools in your Membership Toolkit account. 
  • Volunteer forms do not have to be published for the associated opportunities to be included in the Kiosk Check-In.
  • For opportunities that have a start time, you can choose to have an email sent to the volunteer or an administrator letting them know that the volunteer was late or a no-show.
  • Choose which opportunities are displayed on which kiosk. You can have one active kiosk to track meeting attendance and another kiosk running to track event volunteers. Or you can combine both activities into one kiosk.