Blogs - Adding a Story

Step 2 - Add Stories to the Blog

Once the blog has been created, you can start adding stories.

  • Click on the blue hyperlink number in the Stories column.  It will be "0" if your blog is brand new.
  • Select "add new story in Newsletter Articles" or use the drop down to select a different blog.

This is where you will add the Content for the Blog Story.  It is set up like a website content page.

  • Give the story a Title, Publish Dates and a Published Status, a unique URL slug, and set the Visibility of the content.
  • Content Excerpt:  A short paragraph for your blog. This is the only part the reader will see unless they click "read more." This could be a list of topics or the first few sentences of your main content.
  • Content Body:  The main text and graphics for your blog. This is where the reader will see the rest of the story.

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