FAQ - What is the best process for getting the new year started?

As the end of the school year approaches,there are several steps you should consider to prepare for the upcoming year.  Below is a sample timeline (for a middle school) for closing out the current year and preparing for the next:

June 2nd (Last Day of School) - Last day to place "Pre-Orders" for forms that are open such as:

  • Membership 2017-2018
  • PE Uniforms
  • School Supplies
  • Volunteer Opportunities 2017-2018

June 3rd - July 7th

  • Complete Year End Checklist.
  • Update Website Content Pages.  You will want to update your home page letting users know when you will be ready for them to take care of their Back to School needs.
  • Update Forms for next year.  We recommend setting all forms that you will be using for Back to School to Test Mode.  In Test Mode, only you and other Admins can see them from the Open Forms page.  All forms should be set to either draft, test, or archived if you do not want users to be able to see them and fill them out over the summer during the closing of your books and reconciliation.

June 30th - Close Books

July 7th - Books are ready to be handed off to Reconciliation Committee.

July 18th - Reconciliation Completed

July 20th - 22nd - "Launch" Sales for the new year.

  • Online Forms for 2017-2018 are set to Active.
  • Update your home page to let users know 2017-2018 sales have begun.

August 7th - Last day to "Pre-Order" items.

  • These are items you plan to have available for pick up in the "Express Line" during the school's Schedule Pick Up times.

August 10th - Schedule Pick-Up

  • Express Line Pick Up for everyone that pre-ordered.
  • Onsite Sales for Spirit Wear and any remaining (extra) School Supplies.
  • Online sales should be suspended and online forms should be deactivated during onsite sales.
  • Following the Onsite event, inventory should be taken and adjusted within the Catalog so Online Sales can start back up on August 11th.