Incoming iCal/External Calendars

You can feed external calendars directly into the calendars on your Membership Toolkit account.  This is extremely helpful for schools who wish to include district calendar events on their school calendar without typing the district events in separately or for sharing calendars between schools.

To add an external calendar to your site:

  • Obtain the URL for the external calendar.  This is often done by right clicking on the "subscribe" button for the external calendar and choosing "copy link address."  (The URL should begin with either http://, https://, or webcal://.)  Please note:  this is not the URL of the calendar page from the browser's header. It is the ICS or iCal subscription feed URL.
  • On your Membership Toolkit Dashboard, go to the Calendars tab.
  • Follow the steps to Create a New Calendar.
  • For Step #4 - Calendar Type, choose "External via iCal Feed."
  • iCal Feed URL - Paste the copied URL link from the external calendar. 
  • Refresh Interval - Choose how often you'd like the calendar updated on your site.