Pass-Through Transaction Fees

Thinking about passing on a transaction or convenience fee to your customers to cover your credit card processing fees?

Note: The rules and laws on this vary from state-to-state and in many cases are governed by the agreement you hold with your credit card processor. Please consult your contracts and outside counsel to understand the implications and liabilities of doing this before enabling this functionality.

Also, see additional information on this topic in our article: Adding Transaction Fees At Check Out - Best Practices

To set up Pass-Through Transaction Fees:  Go to Admin / Payment Configuration / Pass-Through Fees.

  1. Select "Yes" for "Collect a Transaction Fee for Each Payment?"
  2. Transaction Fee Label - What do you want to call the fee?
  3. Transaction Fee Method - Do you want to charge a flat amount or a percentage?
  4. Percentage of Payment Total - What percentage amount do you want to charge? (if you selected percentage above)
  5. Transaction Fee Flat Amount - Do you want to add an additional flat fee?
  6. Minimum Charge - What is the minimum amount you wish to charge? (if you selected percentage above)
  7. Maximum Charge - What is the maximum amount you wish to charge? (if you selected percentage above)
  8. Transaction Fee Income Account - Which Income Account would you like to use for collecting the fees?