Updating Background Check Status

If your organization needs to track if a volunteer has completed their Background Check, you can do this within your Membership Toolkit account. This information will be included on all of your Volunteer reports.

To Update the Background Check Status for an Individual Contact:

  • Open the Contact's Record by going to People / Contacts or using the Search box.
  • On the Contact Information tab, select edit.

Scroll to the bottom of the pop up window to update:

1. Background Information Submitted

  • Submitted
  • Processed
  • Refused

2. Background Check Approved

  • Yes
  • No

3. Background Check Expires

  • Enter a new date if you do not wish to use the date you have set in the system.

To Update the Background Check Status for All Volunteers:

If you have a list of Volunteers (those that have already signed up on a volunteer form) and you want to update them all at once:

  • Go to Volunteers / All Volunteers / turn edit mode "on."

To Update the Background Check Status for Any Contact:

If you want to update the background check status for a group of users who are not signed up as volunteers:

  • Go to Volunteers / All Contacts / select users / update checked...