Concierge Subscription - Customer Support Packages

Customers with the Concierge Subscription can choose two of the following Customer Support Packages each year.

Option 1: New Board Member Web Conference Training

A one-on-one web conference for your Membership Toolkit administrators. This is a great way to help new board members learn how to use Membership Toolkit. If you are an out-going board member and just don’t have time to train your replacements, this is a great way to assure their success.

Option 2: Treasurer’s Web Conference

Our team will work with your Treasurers to help you successfully end one year and transition to the new year. Your Treasurers will love the assistance and this helps assure that they will have a successful year.

We will schedule a 60 minute web conference for your Treasurer to learn how to use the Membership Toolkit software to handle all of your organization’s finances.

*You can upgrade this option to the Accounting Package which includes our team setting up your chart of accounts, budget, and financial categories for $75.

Option 3: Year-End Transition Phone Conference

Not sure how to close one year and get started with a new year? We can help! We will set up a phone conference to walk through all of the steps to assure that your contact database, directory, and forms are ready to go for your new year.

We will work with one of your account owners and complete the following:

  • Forms that will be used again will be duplicated.
  • Old forms will be archived.
  • Update membership expiration dates.
  • Update contact database information to assure that you don’t have a messy database!
  • Assure that the “back end” of your Membership Toolkit account is ready to go for the new year!

Option 4: Form Set-Up

Let us do the work for you! We will create one sales or volunteer form for you. This is a perfect way to save time and ensure that your sales or volunteer form is setup correctly and that you will have the reports that you need.

Note: Sales Forms not to exceed 15 SKUs and Volunteer Form not to exceed 30 opportunities.

Option 5: Contact Upload

Our Customer Support Team will upload your list of contacts in your Membership Toolkit account. This is helpful for organizations that have a list of members or contacts that they want to add to their directory or to their contact database.

Option 6: New Personalized Web Banner

Give your website a facelift or a fresh look!  Our Designers will create a new, custom banner for your website.