Recording Miscellaneous Payments

(Offline Transactions - Deposits NOT Connected to an Order)

Miscellaneous Payments are for miscellaneous receipts of check and cash deposits, NOT connected to an order.

In most cases your organization should only receive payments against orders placed in your system (Online Sales). Occasionally you may have someone write a check or pay in cash without an order to apply the payment against (Offline Transactions). Receive Miscellaneous Payments works well to use in this instance.

There are two ways you can Record a Miscellaneous Payment:

Option #1 Recording a Misc. Payment into Undeposited Funds

Receipt of checks or cash from an Offline Transaction is first recorded as a Misc. Payment and entered into your Undeposited Funds to be deposited later into your checking account. Some treasurers choose to do this as soon as they receive a Misc. Payment versus waiting to record the money when the funds are actually deposited into the checking account.

Step 1: Upon Receipt of Misc. Check or Cash - Record the Misc. Payment into Undeposited Funds

  • Go to Accounting / Summary.
  • Choose the “Receive Misc Payment” button.
  • At the selection of “Receive Funds Into”, Select the Undeposited Funds Account.
  • Complete the information on the form for the check or cash received.
  • Hit Save.

Step 2: Once funds are actually deposited, Record the Deposit in your Checking Account

  • Go to Accounting / Summary.
  • Select "bank deposit” button.
  • Select the appropriate bank account for “Deposit to Account.”
  • Enter the date of the deposit.
  • If there is cash in the deposit, enter the amount of cash being deposited.
  • Checks that have previously been recorded into Undeposited Funds will be presented in a list. Select the checks that are included in the deposit.
  • Click "record deposit."

Option #2 Recording a Misc. Payment directly into Your Checking Account

This allows you to skip the steps of first recording the receipt of these funds into Undeposited Funds.

  • Go to Accounting / Summary.
  • Select “Receive Misc Payment” button
  • Select the Checking Account for “Receive Funds Into.”
  • Enter the information for your deposit.
  • Save.