Creating Folders For Images & Documents

It is VERY beneficial to keep all of your picture and document files organized from the start.  If you reorganize your images after they've been used on your site, they will no longer show up on the pages where you placed them because the system won't know where to go and find them.  We recommend setting up folders to store your images and document files.

From your Dashboard go to "Files."  The file browser will pop up.  From here you can "Create" folders, "Upload" files into those folders, and "Manage" the folders and files.


Create Folders

  1. Select Create / Folder.
  2. Type in the name of the new folder.
  3. Click "Create."

Note:  You can also create folders anytime you are adding/editing content.

To add the uploaded document or graphic file to your page:

1.  From the Content Editor, click the Insert/Edit Image button on the toolbar.

2.  Select the browse button.

3.  Select the file or image.  The URL will populate itself.