Stores - Adding Products

To add products (SKUs) to your Store:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Stores / Products tab.
  • Included Product Categories - You can select an entire category of SKUs.
    1. This is useful if you want to have a Store related to a particular event or if you want to include all spirit wear items.
    2. If you add products later to a category, they will automatically show up in the proper store.
    3. Please note:  You MUST have identical financial categories assigned to your SKUs for the system to include them.
  • Included Products - You can select an individual SKU or multiple SKUs from different categories.  If you deactivate products they will automatically be removed from the stores.

*The sales information for the products is populated from the Catalog.  There is not a way to change this information within a Store.  So whatever is listed in the catalog is how the product will be shown, priced, etc.

*Items will appear in the Store in the order they are listed in the Catalog, which is alphabetical by SKU name.