Promotion Codes - General Information

Promotion codes are a way to offer a discount for users towards the purchase of an item(s).  The user enters the promotion code at check-out (or it can automatically applied) and the discount is then applied to each item that has been selected as part of the code.


Examples of How A Promotion Code Can Be Used:

  1. To take a set dollar amount off of the purchase of individual SKUs.  (ie: $3 off of the purchase of a membership.)
  2. To take a percentage off an entire category of SKUs.  (ie:  25% off the purchase of all spirit wear.)
  3. To offer a discount on the Purchase of Multiple SKUs.  (ie: $5 discount on a yearbook purchase when purchased at the same time as a PTA membership.)

At this time, only Admins who have "Forms Edit" Administrator Access can set up promotion codes.  You will need to know the following information to set it up:

  • start date
  • end date
  • method and amount of the discount
  • which SKUs receive the discount
  • code that you want to use for the Promotion Code

Example:  A $2.50 discount for Lifetime members when they purchase a membership. 
  • August 1 2016 - February 28, 2017
  • $2.50 discount
  • Applied towards the following SKUs:  Membership1, membership2
  • Code:  LIFETIME16

    To use Promo Codes on your site, you will need to set them up in the Configuration:

    • Go to Store & Forms / Configuration / Sales Tab

To Set-Up A Promotion Code: