Stores - Settings

To edit the basic features of a Store:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Stores / Select Store / Settings tab.
  • Proceed Action - Select if you want the "Proceed to Checkout" button to appear on the store screen or if you want it to be hidden.
  • CSS Class - Leave this blank unless you know what you are doing.
  • Who can see this? - You can limit the presentation of the Store to specific people the same way you can for other things in the system (logged in, not logged in, membership, member of a group, etc).
  • URL Slug - If you don't want to use the system-generated URL from the Overview tab, you can create your own here to make the slug more meaningful.  Once you save, the changes to the slug will automatically update on the Overview tab.
  • Page Template - Select how you want the page to look (full width, left rail, right rail, etc.)