Stores - Overview

A "Store" can be created on a website content page as a way to sell products without creating a form. They can be accessed by both logged in users as well as Guest users.  Items will be displayed on the page in a grid of blocks.

To create a Store:  Go to Dashboard / Store & Forms / Stores / New Store.


On the Overview tab:

  • Store Title - Select a title.
  • Mode - Choose from Draft, Active, and Archived.  You will only be able to view the Store when it is in Active Mode.
  • Publish Date/Time - This must be current to view the Store.
  • Unpublish Date/Time - When you want the Store to no longer be visible.
  • URL - This will appear after you "save" and can be used to link directly to the Store.  If you want to create your own slug, use the Settings tab.