Stores - General Information

A "Store" can be created on a website content page as a way to sell products without creating a form.  They can be accessed by both logged in users as well as Guest users.

  • You can have multiple Stores.
  • There is no limit to the number of items in each Store.
  • Items will be displayed in a grid of blocks.
  • The page automatically updates based on your selection of specific SKUs or a category of SKUs.
  • Access to Stores can be limited by a user being logged in, not logged in, membership, member of a group, etc.
  • You can link to a Store by URL or by linking to it in the Navigation.
  • On the cart/check out screen, line items that were selected from a Store rather than a form will be listed as such.
  • There is a macro which allows you to insert an item for sale anywhere you can publish content.

For example, you could have a block in the left rail of your home page that features a new spirit wear shirt.  Orders can be placed directly from there without having to visit the spirit wear page or finding the product on a form.