Bounced/Invalid Emails

When an email has a "bounced" or "invalid" status, information is available as to why this occurred on the last message that was sent.

  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Lists.
  • Click on the blue number in the Bounced or Invalid column.


  • Hover over the "i" in the address Status list.


There are two types of bounces:

  1. Hard bounces are considered permanent in nature. These are things that would continue to prevent delivery in the future such as "invalid address" or "closed account." Membership Toolkit will not continue to send emails to these addresses. Emails that are a hard bounce are also moved to the Do Not Contact list.
  2. Soft bounces are transient in nature. Typically these are things like "over quota" or "server down." These issues are expected to be resolved in the future, so the email is retried for the next 72 hours before it is abandoned. Membership Toolkit will continue to send emails to these addresses because the problem shouldn't exist in the future.

Admins can use the "edit" button to either move the address back to the subscribed list, or they can move it to invalid or cancelled to prevent sending in the future.


If you want to see the actual message from the server that caused the bounced status:

  • Open the user's contact card.
  • Go to the Email tab.
  • Find the emails with a bounce status in the Errors section at the top.
  • Click on the email title.
  • The Events log is at the very bottom and will show the message from the server.