Catalog - Events

A SKU doesn't have to be a physical product - it can be used to represent a ticket or a reservation for an upcoming event.

  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Add New Product / Event.


Is this an Event SKU?

  • The default is "No, this is a product."
  • Select "yes" if your SKU is tied to an actual product or if it's a "ticket" or "reservation" for an event.
  • Selecting "yes" will allow you to input other information about your event.

Max Qty when Reset

  • The default quantity inventory should be reset to.

Event Dates/Times


  • This will allow you to specify the date/time that the event takes place.
  • You must first save the SKU before you are presented with the blue button to add event dates and times to it.
  • This information transfers to the “attendance sheet” report.
    • Go to Store & Forms / Reports / Ordered Items.
    • Select the blue number in the Qty column for the SKU. (It should be noted as an event SKU.)
    • On the Detail screen of the Orders placed for the SKU, click the blue “attendance sheet” button at the top.

*We will be expanding the functionality of this in the future to include attendance tracking, reminder emails, calendar subscriptions, and other features and stay tuned!