Updating Your Auto-Populating Newsletter Lists

When a newsletter list is auto-populated, the system searches through all of your contacts and adds or removes email addresses to the list based on the conditions that you have set for that newsletter list. This happens when the list is created and if a contact card is edited.  Sometimes you might have a need to update this list manually.

Resetting Your Newsletter List:


  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Lists and click on the "Subscribed" number for the correct list.
  • Select to re-load the list where it says, "This list is set up to automatically add addresses based on rules. To re-load this list from your contacts, click here."
  • Clear List First?  Select "Yes" to remove the duplicate addresses and re-apply the conditions to the list.

Example - If you have duplicate contacts and emails on your auto-populating newsletter subscription lists, there is no need to delete and re-create the list. Instead, we recommend the following:

  1. Update Duplicate Contact's Status
  2. Reset Your Newsletter List