Cancelled Contact Status on Auto-Populating Newsletter Lists

When a newsletter list is auto-populated, the system searches through all of your contacts and adds or removes email addresses to the list based on the conditions that you have set for that newsletter list. This happens when the list is created and if a contact card is edited.

NEW! Contacts with a Cancelled Status will no longer be included in an auto-populated subscription list when the system reviews which email addresses should be added or removed to the list.

EXAMPLE:  You create a newsletter list that is set to generate an auto-populated list for:

  • contact status = active contacts AND
  • student grade = 3rd grade

A family with a 3rd grader has two contact cards - one is Active and one is Inactive. Previous to this update, the family's emails were subscribed to the list (based on the Active contact card) and then immediately unsubscribed from the list (based on the Inactive contact card). This became a problem for several organizations.

Now you can mark the duplicate account as Cancelled and the newsletter tool will not review that record when deciding if the email addresses belong on that list.

*If you have duplicate contacts and emails on your auto-populating newsletter subscription lists, there is no need to delete and re-create the list.  We recommend Updating Your Auto-Populating Newsletter Lists.