Displaying Calendars in the Left/Right Rail of your Website

Once you have created your calendars, there are three ways to display them on your website:

  1. Full Calendar (Normal Month)
  2. Mini Calendar
  3. List of Upcoming Events

To add one of these types of calendars to the left or right rail of your website:


  • Go to Website / Structure.  (The rails are controlled in the Structure of the website.)
  • Scroll down to find the Region "Primary-Rail" for the left rail (or Region "Secondary Rail" for the right railand select the "add block..." button.
  • Choose HTML Block and then click add block.

  • Name the block such as "Calendar" or "Upcoming Events."
  • Type a title or any words you want displayed to your users in the HTML Content editor.
  • Add the Calendar Macro using the "Add a Macro" button on the toolbar.  (A macro is a piece of code that tells the website what information to display.)  You can add the macro anywhere above or below existing text in the content body.
  • Select Insert Calendar.



  1. Select the Calendar Style. (Normal, Mini,or List)  For the left/right rail, you will want to use the Mini or List style.
  2. Select each of the Calendars you want to pull information from.
  3. Select the Number of Events you want to display.  (This only applies if you are using the List style of calendar)

*The Visibility tab allows you to restrict who is able to view this calendar as well as the pages it is displayed on.  If you don't select anything, the calendar will be visible in the rail on all pages to all users.


  • Once you have successfully added the calendar block to the structure, you can click and drag the block to position it where you want it to present in the region.  Be sure to save at the bottom of the page.