Creating a Volunteer Form - Opportunities

The Opportunities tab is where you will put your "jobs" for volunteers and your date/time slots for the shifts you need covered.

To add an Opportunity:

  • Go to the Opportunities tab for the volunteer form and click "add section."

  • Choose a Section Title and any additional information you want to include about it.  Save.
  • When you scroll over the New Section with your mouse, the blue "edit" and "add" buttons pop up.  Selecting "edit section" will allow you to edit the Section Title and Section Information.  Selecting "add" will allow you to Add an Opportunity.

Add Opportunity:  Select the Opportunity Type, then "add opportunities..."

  • Volunteer Interest - This is for expessing general interest and does not usually have a date/time associated with it. It allows for an unlimited number to sign up.
  • One Time Event - This is for a single date and/or time and usually does not recur.  The date/time information is used for sending out ticklers (reminders).
  • Recurring Event - This is for an event that repeats throughout a range of dates. The date/time information is used for sending out ticklers (reminders).

Note:  No matter which type of Opportunity you choose to start with, each type can be edited to include single and recurring dates/times.  How to Edit Volunteer Opportunities